Dear Customer,


please be advised that a new release (D108) of the HERE Location Suite is now available on the Production environment (PRD).


This email includes release notes that describe the improvements to the services in the new release. This release includes updates of:Maps API for JavaScript, Routing API, Geocoder API, Geocoder Autocomplete API, Places API, Traffic TPEG API, Fleet Telematics API, Fleet Telematics Waypoints Sequence API and HERE Tracking.


This release is mainly a maintenance release.

The release highlights are:

  • New features in Maps API for JavaScript
  • Fleet Telematics enhancements related to truck routing
  • New HERE Platform Self-hosted release


You will find all API documentation on the Developer Portal.

Maps API for JavaScript



  • We introduced the gesture support for the map tilting and rotation.
  • The label collision for the tilted and rotated map was improved - it prevents the label crowding on the horizon and the label collisions when the map is rotated.
  • The method getObjectsAt returns the collection of features that were stacked in the vector rendering engine.
  • The way to change the scene background and the skybox color was added to the API.
  • Added improvements to the rendering of the raster layer with the WebGL rendering engine for the pixel ratio 2.


Routing API

Version 7.2.108


  • We added support for restrictions related to truck axle count. It is now possible to define the number of axles of the truck and to calculate a route that will avoid roads on which only trucks with limited number of axles are allowed.


Traffic TPEG API



  • We have switched to Flow Feeds ver. 3.2.2 with OLR coverage
  • We have enabled session size limitation for some profiles
  • We have made minor performance improvements


Fleet Telematics API

Version 3.0.22


  • Routing now considers changing vehicle weight/height/length/trailers… during a journey: Specify capacity deltas at each waypoint.
  • Routing now considers preferred routes for trucks, for certain weight, dangerous goods or bicycles. Parameter ignorePreferredRoutes switches it off.
  • Router now supports vehicleType tractorTruck.
  • Custom routing tells whether customized road geometry was considered during routing (metainfo - overlays: true)
  • Routing response can contain baseTime and trafficTime per leg
  • Routing with optional/unsorted waypoints: Can now handle waypoints that are just visit and not a pick-drop pairs.


Fleet Telematics Waypoints Sequence API

Version 3.0.22


  • Returned times are approximate values. Applications can invoke another Routing request to obtain more accurate driving times.
  • For smaller geographic extents (bounding box diagonal < 30 km) now up to 70 waypoints are supported when using traffic enabled routing.

HERE Tracking

Version 1.3.0


  • We added Aliases and Metadata APIs, which enables associating external system ids, and metadata to trackers
    • Aliases API - Enables a tracker to be associated with an external system ID in a way that is neither part of the reported state of the device or the desired state
    • Metadata API - Enables to store descriptive information associated to a tracker or geofence
  • Added new end-point in Registry API to get Tracking license information


The following services had new releases with minor changes:

  • Geocoder API (Version 6.2.189)
  • Geocoder Autocomplete API (Version 6.2.189)
  • Places API (Version 2.77)


HERE Platform Self Hosted

Version Q3/2019


  • Geocoder (D107)
  • Reverse Geocoder (D107)
  • Geocoder Autocomplete (D107)
  • Fleet Telematics Custom Locations API 2.5.19 (D108)
  • Fleet Telematics Geofencing API 2.5.19 (D108)


Deprecation of Public Venues
• Venues of publicly accessible locations such as e.g. airports or shopping malls are no longer being maintained by HERE. If you are a venue owner and wish for HERE to continue to maintain and surface your venue in our offerings, or those of our partners, please contact us at venues.support@here.com.
• Access to Public Venues remains open for existing commercial customers until validity of the contract.