Dear Customer,


please be advised that a new release (D96) of the HERE Location Suite is now available on the Production environment (PRD).


This email includes release notes that describe the improvements to the services in the new release. This release includes updates of: Geocoder API, Geocoder Autocomplete API, Routing API, Traffic API, Custom Locations API, Custom Routes API, Platform Data API, Route Matching API, Toll Cost Calculation API, Waypoints Sequencing API and Mobile SDK User Interface (UI) kit.


As well, we will publish the release documentation on the Developer Portal.


Management Summary

The release is mainly a maintenance release; highlights are:

  • Improvements in Geocoder API to enhance response details for certain countries
  • Traffic coverage extended by Indonesia
  • New routing parameter and option in Custom Routes API for fuel optimized routing
  • New HERE Mobile SDK User Interface (UI) kit now with first guidance components

Geocoder API

Version 6.2.165


  • Improvements in reverse geocoding for house addresses
  • Additional Turkish Metropolitan Municipalities added to cities to support matching and responses
  • Administrative changes in responses in the Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey

Geocoder Autocomplete API

Version 6.2.165


  • Improvements have been made for postal code results to add more administrative information in the label.

Routing API

Version 7.2.96


  • Fixed elevation data provided in the route shape

Traffic API



  • Traffic Coverage was extended by Indonesia

Custom Routes API

Version 2.5.8

  • New routing parameter &maxSpeed=110kph for fuel optimized routing. Assumes lower speed driven bigger roads to save fuel.
  • New option ;builtupFactor=1.8 for routing parameter &customConsumptionDetails for fuel optimized routing. Increases the fuel cost while driving through cities

HERE Mobile SDK User Interface (UI) kit

Version 1.4.0


Major changes and features:

  • Scooter routing
  • Deliver first guidance flows & components
  • Route planner improvements
  • Integration of the HERE SDK 3.8
  • Example apps and a new user guide


Note: This release supports only HERE SDK 3.8 due to newly added feature. Please note, this version requires also map update (Map#84.156 released on June 28, 2018 or fresher), so a re-installation of the demo application might be required for a proper use. On Android please delete the hidden folder msdkui-data on the root level of the internal storage to get rid of the old map data. For a full functional application, the license key needs to be extend to support scooter routing.


More details can be found in the release notes file inside the zip packages

Get the updated packages directly from developer.here.com via this link:

The following services had new releases with minor changes:

  • Custom Locations API (Version 2.5.8)
  • Platform Data API (Version 2.5.8)
  • Route Matching API (Version 2.5.8)
  • Toll Cost Calculation API (Version 2.5.8)
  • Waypoints Sequencing API (Version 3.0.15)



General Rules Related to HERE Materials and Applications
• Inline with HERE Platform core terms, please ensure that the users of your application build on HERE Mobile SDKs Premium Edition constantly download the latest map version within a couple of weeks after the new map release has been available.

New incidents endpoint for Traffic API
• In May 2018, new /traffic/6.3/incidents endpoint launched to support more incidents data
• The old endpoints /traffic/6.1/incidents and /traffic/6.2/incidents will be working for customers that are still using it