Dear Customer,


Please be advised that a new release (D69) of the HERE Platform is now available on the Production environment (PRD).


We send this email to all those who apply for access credentials to the platform, based on the information they provide when registering.


This email includes release notes that describe the improvements to the services in the new release. This release includes updates of: Geocoder API, Traffic Data API, Custom Location Extension, Platform Data Extension, Toll Cost Extension, Fleet Connectivity Extension and Map Feedback API.


As well, we will publish the release documentation on the Developer Portal.


Management Summary

The release is mainly a maintenance release; highlights are:

- Geocoder API: Improved match quality in India, Mexico, Canada and USA

- Traffic Pattern tiles support has been extended to 12 new countries in EMEA

- Visual editing of POIs in the Admin GUI is added to CLE

- Improved cost optimized routing

- The Map feedback API now also supports Truck related attributes

For more detailed information about the major improvements of the HERE Platform for Business Services and Products, see the sections below:

Geocoder API

Version 6.2.115


- India: Improved match rate in India by allowing more postal code matches instead of empty results.

- Mexico: Increased match quality and decreased ambiguity in address search with support for the larger (state) area postal code (first 2 digits + 3 trailing zeros).

- Mexico and Canada: Improved house number address matching by handling unqualified unit numbers (e.g. apartment or floor numbers) that accompany house numbers.

- USA: Improved matching and labeling by adding known-as names (KD zones) to the Geocoder search index and result.

- Disputed Borders: Added Reverse Geocoder view on Lake Malawi disputed area


Traffic Data API



- Incidents coverage information has been updated in the Developer’s Guide document

- Traffic Pattern tiles support has been extended to the following countries: Swaziland, Kenya, Lesotho, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Lithuania, Serbia, Latvia, Lebanon, Kazakhstan and Estonia.

Custom Location Extension API

Version 2.0.1

- POIs can be edited visually in the Admin GUI.

- POIs can be geocoded before submitting into the layer.

- The positions of geocoded POIs can be visually corrected in the Admin GUI.

Platform Data Extension API



- Static layer ADMIN_REGULATIONS now also contains time zone and daylight saving info for the highest applicable admin places.


Toll Cost Extension API

Version 2.2.2


- Improved cost optimized routing considering more route alternatives.


Fleet Connectivity Extension API

Version 1.2.0


- New resource check_messages.json avoids repeated polling calls and notifies immediately after a message arrived.


Map Feedback API

Version 2.5


- Enhanced capabilities for time and property based search were added to the resource interface.

- Support for truck-related map feedback was added to the signs definition. This includes enhancements to the samples and reference tables.

- Truck: Delivery road was added to the list of accepted values for the road type property.

- Support for media uploads was added to the Map Feedback API. This includes enhancements to the samples and reference tables.

- Admin property was added to the Address and City specific properties.

- Enhanced error codes (City and Zipcodes/Postal codes).

- Additional samples were added to the example section.

- The carto feature type list was enhanced with islands.


This release notification will be issued on a monthly basis in synch with the HERE Platform release drops.


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Map Feedback API V2.5 Release Notes

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