Release Notification Product Update HERE Location Services 02/2021

Dear Customer,


we are pleased to inform you about the availability of new releases of the HERE Location Services in February.


These releases include updates of: Routing API, Matrix Routing API, Geocoding and Search API, Waypoints Sequence API and HERE SDK for Android ,iOS and Flutter.

For information about the major improvements of the HERE Location Services, see the sections below.

You will find all API documentation and release notes on the Developer Portal.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION for Mobile SDK 3.x Premium version user

Downloading unavailable for Navigation Voice Packages on March 17, 2021

Please note that we will be conducting a scheduled maintenance for the Navigation Voice Package service on 17th March 2021 during 5:30 AM to 08:30 AM UTC. During this time, you will not be able to download navigation voice packages.

HERE Location Services


Version 8.18.2 + 8.20.3

  • 2-Wheeler Routing - Different profiles for mopeds and (big) scooters. Added Maximum speed and Highway overwrite parameter.
  • Added avoid/segments.html parameter.
  • Added notice about invalid segment id in route response.
  • Added notice about invalid zone id in route response.
  • Added congestionPricing to routing zone category avoidance (avoid zoneCategoriesparameter).


Matrix Routing

Version 8.20.3

  • By up to 10 times Improved response times for large Matrix requests using Profile Mode


Waypoints Sequence

Version 8.0

  • New redesigned standalone service succeeding Waypoints Sequence of Fleet Telematics API.
  • Following the same API spec as the other new services and using the same underlying map content from the HERE Platform.


Geocoding and Search

Version 7.6.3

  • Autocomplete now also supports high precision postal code queries and returns results with result type postalCodePoint.
  • Discover Place search by telephone number including in Japan.
  • Geocoder supports common street type abbreviations in Indonesia.
  • Geocoder supports for Russia addressing with numbers in street name, the position of the number before or after the base name is flexible and equally matched.
  • Geocoder now supports for Russia the queries with flexible positioning of specifiers in the street base name.


HERE SDK for Android, iOS and Flutter

Version 4.6.2

  • Route to a Waypoint with a desired course heading at destination.
  • Enable green traffic.
  • BETA Load Oslo as a custom style.
  • Guidance arrow.
  • Map Marker collisions.
  • Current position marker offsets.
  • Display route polyline.
  • BETA The Indoor Routing component in HERE SDK.


Version 4.6.3

  • Watermark improvement for custom style.
  • Configurable FlyTo animations.
  • Route to a Waypoint with a desired course heading at destination.
  • Mapdownloader -- Implement deleting downloaded packages.
  • Get installed regions list.

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