HERE platform release announcement

October 2022 Update


JSON Schema support

The HERE platform now fully supports JSON schemas. Users can upload a JSON schema via the CLI or use a JSON archetype available in the SDK to create a JSON schema. JSON schemas can also be associated to all layer types.

Share your feedback on the HERE platform

A Share feedback widget has been integrated into most pages of the HERE platform and gives you the opportunity to share your comments and feedback. In order to submit your feedback, please log in to your HERE platform account and click on the Share feedback widget button in the bottom right corner.

Changes, additions, deprecations, and known issues

This email focuses on highlights. However, a lot more has happened since our last announcement. Our APIs, SDKs, and tools publish their detailed API level changes in form of changelogs or release notes. For the recent changes, refer to the corresponding changelog or release notes directly:

Important: Deprecation notices

  • Please, review and continue to monitor the deprecation notices for our services and SDKs. You find their changelogs linked at the bottom of the monthly blog post or in the list just above.