HERE Location Services End-of-Life - Important Information

Dear Costumer

Thank you for being a valued and loyal customer with HERE Technologies!

Following our announcement from February 2023 related to the end-of-life of our predecessor versions of Location Services and the requested upgrade to our new versions of HERE Location Services, we wanted to reach out to you, today, and remind and notify you of the previously shared end-of-life date.

The end-of-life of our old, predecessor versions of HERE Location Services remains unchanged as December 31st, 2023, for both, our cloud location services and the Premium SDK (3.x).

While we ask you to please try everything possible and ensure that you have upgraded your applications by this date we understand that there are scenarios where you might not be able to meet this deadline for reasons beyond your control. For this we would like to provide additional guidance on how to handle it.

  • The upgrade process can only begin after the migration to the HERE Platform has been completed. This is the case if you need to upgrade to a service that is only offered on the platform (Raster Tile v3, Map Image v3, Traffic v7, Traffic Raster Tile v2, Traffic Vector Tile v2, Batch Geocoding v7, Multi-Reverse Geocoding V7 and SDK 4.x Navigate). In this case, please work with your Partner Manager on the migration.
  • If you or your customer has already migrated to the Platform, or the new version of the service you need to upgrade to is available on the Developer Portal (Vector Tile v2, Geocoding & Search v7, Routing v8, Isoline Routing v8, Matrix Routing v8, Route Matching v8, Map Attributes v8, Waypoints Sequencing v8) and there is no need to upgrade to any of the services only available on platform. Then, migrating to Platform is not a dependency, but due to other HERE’s driven reasons (e.g. commercial, legal constraints) or reasons of your own (Q4 code freeze, Q4 priorities, extended implementation timelines, capacity, etc.) you are prevented from meeting the deadline, please share with your Partner Manager your needed extension time.
  • You or your customer cannot proceed with the upgrade due to critical feature/functionality or service availability blockers that prevent you to upgrade. Please work with your Partner Manager on documenting blockers and validating that no alternative path exists, and we will try and work on finding a suitable solution.
  • Exception for Distributors requiring a parent / child setup which is not yet open for migrations:
    1. The end of life of Map Tile API v2, Traffic v6, Map Image v1.6, Batch Geocoder v6 on developer portal will be extended to end of June 2024
    2. All other RESTful web services successors reaching end of life end of December 2023 are available on developer.here.com.
    3. Given the above exception, Distributors and Resellers can perform all required RESTful web services updates to meet the December 2023 end-of-life deadline on developer portal.
    4. There is NO dependency any longer on migrating to platform first!
    5. Distributor migrations will start in a controlled introduction in Q4 2023 and are planned to be completed until end of June 2024, inline with the mandate to complete upgrading to the new Location Services.

We kindly request you to make reasonable efforts to upgrade by these deadlines. We will ensure your upgrade experience and support with HERE is as smooth and good as possible. We will carefully monitor the progress.

Please reach out to your Partner Manager if you would appreciate technical assistance on upgrading to the latest Location Service releases.

Do you need further help?
For technical inquiries regarding the upgrade, please contact your representative. We are more than happy to jointly look into the best upgrade options for you.

Your Partner Manager will be available for you to discuss your upgrade and any needs for support from our Professional & Technical Support team to facilitate your upgrade. For more information on the latest version of HERE Location Services, please refer to www.developer.here.com and work with your Partner Manager to get registered for our platform portal. They will be more than happy to support.

We hope you are as excited as we are about the next generation of HERE Location Services. If you have further questions regarding your existing contract, pricing or your upgrade and migration options, please do not hesitate to contact your Partner Manager.